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SDSII Brochure

SDSII Brochure



San Diego Scientific Instruments, Inc. actively recruits and supports both U.S. and International distributors. A full line of instrumentation and extremely competitive dealer discounts are offered to qualified dealers. San Diego Scientific Instruments provides technical training and after-sales support. Commercial art in digital and transparency formats is available, along with full color product information brochures and other marketing materials.

If you would like further information on establishing a dealer relationship with
San Diego Scientific Instruments, please contact John Carter at:

Phone (858) 485-9000
Fax: (858) 748-7501

You can help us learn more about your company by filling out this simple form
(Dealer Application Form)
After reviewing it, we will contact you to discuss the possibility of becoming an authorized dealer for San Diego Scientific Instruments' full line of Powder Dispensing Systems. The process also involves completing a dealer questionnaire and signing the dealer agreement. Once this is completed, we mail you the current price list and a dealer information packet containing items helpful in promoting and selling our products in the domestic and international marketplace. Click on the above link to access the form and begin your first step toward becoming a San Diego Scientific Authorized Dealer !

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